随着越来越多的人呆在室内, 室内空气质量(IAQ)的重要性从未如此明显. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has highlighted indoor air as a significant health concern. 在新奥尔良, 哪里的潮湿气候会加剧某些室内空气质量问题, ensuring that your home or business has clean 和 safe indoor air is crucial.

From conducting thorough IAQ inspections to providing remediation 和 tailored solutions, 棋牌电子游戏平台’s HVAC 和 Electrical is your go-to expert for all indoor air quality concerns. Prioritize your health 和 the health of your loved ones by ensuring the air you breathe indoors is as clean 和 pure as nature intended. 今天棋牌电子游戏平台安排预约!

Polarized-Media Air Cleaners remove even the smallest submicron particles that are otherwise absorbed into our lungs 和 blood- streams to trigger asthma attacks 和 allergy symptoms. 对气味和气体也有效.



在棋牌电子游戏平台的暖通空调和电气公司, we are dedicated to improving indoor air quality for all our clients in New Orleans 和 the surrounding areas. Our comprehensive indoor air quality services ensure that you 和 your family can breathe easily, 减少与室内空气质量差有关的健康状况风险.



许多房主低估了室内空气质量对健康的影响. 室内空气质量差会加重过敏, 导致呼吸问题, 甚至会恶化哮喘等健康状况. 挥发性有机化合物, 模具, 细菌, 和 other contaminants present in the air can have long-term health effects.

定期的室内空气质量检查可以帮助发现霉菌生长等问题, 建筑材料挥发性有机化合物含量增加, 以及低效的通风系统. Addressing these problems early can prevent expensive 模具 remediation 和 safeguard the health of those living or working in the building.


Indoor air quality services should exclusively be administered by qualified professionals due to their indispensable expertise 和 specialized equipment. These experts possess the knowledge necessary to assess air quality 和 identify hidden contaminants like 模具 和 volatile organic compounds, 哪些会构成健康风险.

When searching for a reliable company to address your IAQ issues, your quest ends here. 当您选择我们的团队为您的室内空气质量检测需求, 我们可以帮助您实现健康的生活和工作环境. 我们自豪地提供:

  1. 培训人员: Our team includes trained professionals who are equipped with the latest equipment 和 resources to conduct in-depth IAQ testing 和 inspection.
  2. 定制的解决方案: 我们认识到每个建筑和家庭都是独一无二的. Our indoor air quality assessment is tailored to provide solutions best suited to your specific needs.
  3. 先进的设备: 我们的室内空气质量检测工具和设备是业内最好的, 确保准确的结果和及时的补救.


Your 加热 和 空调 systems play a crucial role in maintaining your home’s indoor air quality. 效率低下的系统可以循环污染物,影响整体室内空气质量. 在棋牌电子游戏平台 's,我们还专攻 空调加热确保您的暖通空调系统有助于营造更健康的室内环境.


改善通风, 使用更好的过滤系统, 控制污染源, 和 maintaining a clean indoor environment are key solutions to enhance indoor air quality. Whether it’s testing for the presence of harmful pollutants or providing guidance on preventive measures, 我们的室内空气质素服务可满足您对室内空气质素的所有需求.


At 棋牌电子游戏平台’s, we take it upon ourselves to ensure safe living for our clients. That’s why our team works endlessly to help property owners across the New Orleans area set up air purification systems that are ideally suited to their lifestyles.

Ninety-nine percent of all airborne particles are too small for even the best disposable filter to collect. Replacing your filter with a high-efficiency air cleaner will protect your 加热 和 cooling equipment while improving the air quality in your home.

Replacing your filter with a Polarized Media Air Cleaner will protect your 加热 和 cooling system while removing sub-micron particles 和 allergens that can aggravate asthma 和 allergies. This is also much more effective than utilizing a unit designed just to clean a room or two.

Backed by over three decades of experience 和 proven success in engineering residential 和 commercial indoor air cleaning systems, we have the experts that professional HVAC contractors rely on to address your indoor air quality needs. The Polarized Media Air Cleaner is designed to support proper airflow 和 high-intensity air cleaning that controls sub-micron particles. 这样,你就可以呼吸到更干净、更新鲜、更健康的空气.


是否投资空气净化系统, monitoring your indoor air quality is critical to the health 和 general well-being of anyone residing in the household. 而监测仪本身并不能解决空气污染问题, it will alert you of any extreme problems in the air so that you can take the right steps.


  • Keep your air free of irritants that could affect your health by knowing whether your filters are working properly.
  • Our team can install the perfect monitor to correlate with the functionality of your air purification system.
  • 家庭空气质量监测器可以跟踪你的整个家庭, 所以你家里的每一平方英尺都将被净化.

Pair your air purifier with a great indoor air quality monitor today with 棋牌电子游戏平台’s!

防止细菌的传播 & 病毒用高输出杀菌紫外线灯

  • 我们的高输出杀菌紫外线灯杀灭或灭活空气中的病毒, 细菌, 细菌, 和 other bioaerosols that travel through your HVAC system 和 recirculate throughout your home.
  • Our germicidal UVC technology is used to prevent the spread of viruses 和 细菌 in hospitals 和 other healthcare facilities.
  • 我们的高输出紫外线灯也消毒空气中的病毒, 细菌, 还有经过灯的细菌, 使它们变得无害,无法繁殖.
  • 我们的高输出UVC灯是3.3 times more powerful than st和ard lamps 和 will naturally disinfect your air 24 hours a day without adding chemicals or sprays into your environment.

极化媒体的优势 电子空气净化器:


Remember, just because you can’t see pollutants doesn’t mean they aren’t there. Often, indoor air pollutants are invisible, making regular IAQ inspection even more crucial.

不要让你呼吸的空气质量碰运气. Protect your family’s health 和 ensure a safe living environment by scheduling an IAQ inspection today. 在棋牌电子游戏平台的暖通空调和电气公司, we are committed to providing the best indoor air quality services in New Orleans, 确保你和你的家人呼吸干净, 每天呼吸健康空气!